Why Did Carisi Leave SVU?

The SVU finale ended with a seemingly shocking turn for Detective Carisi. While Benson and Hadid expected Carisi to be loyal to them, she quickly discovers that the new job is not as easy as she originally thought. So, she decides to leave. What does this mean for her career? Read on to find out. Also, don’t miss THR’s exclusive interviews with showrunners, creators, and actors.

The show was not kind to Carisi. Two years into her tenure as a detective, she enrolled in law school. Although she was criticized by some fans, she was warmly welcomed by others. As a native of Staten Island, Carisi was given the nickname ‘Carisi.’ Her parents still live in Staten Island. This left many fans disappointed in the departure of the detective.

In the meantime, there are new showrunners. “SVU” has experienced multiple changes, including a change in lead actor. The latest change was the hiring of Peter Scanavino, who replaced the late Christopher Reeves. While this may mean a few recastings, the cast is very much intact. The new showrunner, Warren Leight, has already snagged the services of several other actors.

In the previous season, Jessica Jones, aka ADA Cabot, was the permanent ADA. She was also responsible for a number of sexual assault cases. After the season, she returned to the SVU precinct to apologize to the team. She is later promoted to lieutenant. A few episodes after she leaves the show, she becomes the foster mother to Noah Porter and adopts him.

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