What Are Some Common Myths About Vasectomy in Brooklyn, New York?

Vasectomy is a widespread and effective procedure for male sterilization. It involves a simple procedure to restrict the tubes that deliver sperm, preventing conception. Before performing the irreversible surgery, it is critical to consult with your spouse. A urologist at Lazare Urology can put your mind at ease regarding these misconceptions. Meanwhile, here are some common myths surrounding vasectomy.

It decreases your testosterone level:

That is not true. A vasectomy has no effect on testosterone levels. The testicles create testosterone, but it is delivered through the circulation rather than the vas deferens therightmessages, which are closed off following a vasectomy.

Hinders your ability to ejaculate:

A vasectomy has no effect on the amount of ejaculatory fluid produced. While the sperm will no longer be present in the semen, the total volume of ejaculation will stay relatively the same.

It causes erectile dysfunction:

A vasectomy has no effect on your capacity for erection allworldday . The technique does not include the buildings that are in charge of constructing or sustaining an edifice.

It is just as same as castration:

No, a vasectomy does not include the removal of the testicles. It is a rapid and safe treatment that closes off the sperm canals, making it an efficient method of permanent birth control.

It is not reversible:

No, with the assistance of a professional Andrologist, vasectomy reversal is achievable. Before having a vasectomy, keep in mind that it is supposed to be a permanent means of birth control. While vasectomy reversals are feasible tvboxbee, they are costly and have a low success rate. Before deciding on a vasectomy, you must be definite about your family planning.

It will cause prostate cancer:

While there is a common misconception surrounding this, it is not true. No proven link between vasectomy and prostate cancer has been established.

They are not effective:

Vasectomies are quite effective stylesrant, with a 99.85% success rate. After the operation, it takes time and many ejaculations to eliminate the leftover sperm from the system. Backup contraception should be taken to avoid an unexpected pregnancy until a urologist confirms it. Failure can occur if unprotected intercourse occurs before the sperm-free status of the sperm is determined.

Final thoughts:

Vasectomies are frequently covered by health insurance, but it’s vital to double-check your policy. Without insurance, the operation and follow-up sperm analysis often cost $900. It is a low-cost and risk-free method of permanent birth control voxbliss

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