VFX Career Path

Those interested in a VFX career can expect to spend long hours behind the computer screen. This profession can require weekend and overtime work, but the quality of the work is always more important than your attire. In addition, the VFX industry is known for its social aspects, and a career in the VFX industry may lead you to meet interesting people from all walks of life and enjoy a variety of different social events.

The first step in VFX is the concept department, which is composed of highly skilled professionals who work on Photoshop and Illustrator. After a director has communicated his or her vision to the concept artist, they develop it using photoshop and illustrator software. Once they have created several versions of the concept, they pass the work on to the 3D modelling department. A VFX career path usually includes a combination of all three departments.

To be successful in the VFX industry, it is necessary to constantly update your skills and stay motivated. You can do this through various sources, including side projects or free computer graphics software. While studying, your goal is to get your foot in the door of a VFX company. For this purpose, you can work as an assistant or runner for a movie, shadowing experienced artists, and networking to build a portfolio.

While a Bachelor’s degree in any stream may not guarantee a career in the VFX industry, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the industry’s needs and processes. For instance, learning how to use different software programs will help you make better-looking images and movies. You can also take a course in digital design and cinematography. To build a solid foundation, joining a college that specializes in animation and VFX is the best option. These institutions provide the necessary training and facilities as well as mentors who specialize in the industry.

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